Waterproofing Parking Areas, Decks, and More

A waterproof coating from Expert Crack & Concrete Repairs will not only enhance the look of your home or business, but will also protect your property for years to come. Serving the Halifax Regional Municipality and beyond, trust us to install a waterproof coating for your parking lot, deck or balcony.

Polycoat Products

Durable Waterproof Coatings

The BASF MasterSeal and Polycoat products we use in every job are made to withstand extreme weather and environmental pollutants.


Whether you need to protect a brand new parking structure or balcony, or repair an existing deck surface, you’ll get a low maintenance waterproof coating that is highly durable and completely seamless.

Concrete Resurfacing
Water causes concrete erosion and will ruin the interior walls of your building, or your parking lot or balcony. Your rooftop is the first line of protection for your home or business. Protect your balcony by letting the professionals from Expert Crack & Concrete Repairs resurface your balcony and install a seamless waterproof coating. Also see how we can stop water seepage with crack injections.

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